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Ostatnia wygrana ItsTimmi w Rankingu w dniu 22 Lipiec 2016

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O ItsTimmi

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  1. New light and wheel textures:
  3. No thanks, I don't need any help. I'm almost done^^
  4. No, I still publish news in all forums where you can find my thread. Currently I'm working only on the script...
  5. Yes we will build new wheels^^
  6. Thanks for all the comments. Yes, we will build a NG, but not know (look at the topic^^). We don't even know if we implement a 3 door version. It depends on the time and after all, we need to book the vehicle to take some photos and record sounds. Unfortunatley I don't have enough money for the bus, because I put a lot of money in our project for the other versions... That's why I insert a donation-button. Best regards.
  7. projekt type: Bus projekt name: MAN NLxx3 - A20/A21 [W.I.P.] projekt details: In September 1995, MAN introduced a suburban bus type called A20, their first bus of the second low-floor generation. The A21 was introduced in 1997 as a successor of the city-type MAN A10 (NL2x2). After the appearance of the competition model Mercedes-Benz Citaro, MAN put an optically revised series on the market in 1998. This version is the template for our Model. Due to the enormous complexity of the glorious model (Keyword: CTI), we can't deal with community wishes unfortunatley. Nevertheless, each one of you will have a lot of fun with the model due to the modular construction. The individual vehicle variants will be presented "step-by-step" in intervals. We gladly accept questions, suggestions and constructive criticism. pictures: Dear Community, we decided to implement a donation button for our project. If you like our work and if you wan't to support this or upcoming high quality projects, which were implemented in our spare time, feel free to donate or contribute to us. Building and importing of Vehicles in this quality needs a lot of work and time, which we love to invest into the community - however, no privatly earned money will be used for their realization. The earned donations will be , for example, invested in bus rentals to obtain good sounds and textures, which will increase the overall quality of our projects. The invested money will then come back to you in form of new vehicles, mods, textures or objects - from the community, for the community. To sum this up, if you want to help us with the realization of the NLxx3 or following projects, feel free to use the donation button below: