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Ostatnia wygrana M3Studios w Rankingu w dniu 18 Listopad 2016

M3Studios posiada najczęściej lubianą zawartość!



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  1. ..you can expect a big news soon!
  2. After a long pause, we have some news. We are currently focused on work in interior and we're trying to finish the most of details. We are also developing some new functions. We're also working on scripts. Last time, I've worked on gearbox script and BUSE panels' script. Centipede works on details for suburban version NB 18 (ARRIVA Střední Čechy). Warning: some details (for example seats, glasses, various stickers etc.) have been hidden. Hope you like our work. We will appreciate constructive critic and ideas for various functions in add-on.
  3. Autori / authors: 487376, centipede Predpokladaný dátum vydania / expected release date: december 2016 Detaily / details: DPB: Euro 5 EEV: - Iveco Cursor F2BE3681B, ZF Ecomat 6HP 604C - BUSE BS100, BUSE BS120, BUSE BS210 - bez klimatizácie / without air conditioner Euro 6: - Iveco Cursor F2CFE612C, ZF EcoLife 6AP 1400B - BUSE BS301, BUSE BS370, BUSE BS210 - klimatizácia Webasto Santana XL / Webasto Santana XL air-conditioner Arriva Střědní Čechy Euro 6: - Iveco Cursor F2CFE612C, ZF EcoLife 6AP 1400B - KPC - klimatizácia Eberspächer Sütrak AC 515 / Eberspächer Sütrak AC 515 air-conditioner Obrázky z tvorby / images from development: Facebook fanpage: MAQAL Design studio Nemáme záujem o betatesterov ani o nových ľudí do tímu. Reálny autobus / real bus: SOR NB 18 City Euro 5 EEV (r.v. 2012): Zdroj: imhd.sk Zdroj: imhd.sk SOR NB18 City Euro 6 (r.v. 2015): Zdroj: imhd.sk Zdroj: imhd.sk SOR NC18 Euro 6 (r.v. 2016): Zdroj: Facebook (MILUJU AUTOBUSY) Zdroj: Facebook (MILUJU AUTOBUSY)