Omnibus simulator: Aseag bus driver can now be anyone

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Have a one-time power over the doors in the Citaro ... that would be something. No, it is not a Berlin scene club. The Citaro is an omnibus. In this case, one of the Aseag. If you want, you can now control a bus in the computer game omnibus simulator (Omsi) 2 itself through Aachen - on lines 33 and 73. The ticket price: about 24 euros.


In his Master's degree, Müller studies mobility and transport in Aachen. In his spare time, he digitally modeled the city of Aachen ... and then he did not stop. His tour went on, together with three other omnibus enthusiasts. Digital digital traffic dominates the digital streets of digital Aachen. Otherwise bus driving was much less fun. In the modeling of the road traffic even the bordering situation of Aachen was taken into account. In addition to cars with AC-license plates you can also pass yellow-black number plates.




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